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Wax Removal Tips

All of us have a spill or two now and again, here are some tips from our experts on how to manage them when they happen.

The best way to get rid of spilled wax or wax stains is not to get them. Here are a few simple ways to avoid them:

  • Buy better candles! Cheap candles have lots of additives in them that cause them to stain and petroleum-based candles are prone to dripping.

  • Even normally dripless beeswax candles drip if there is a draft near where they are burning. Make sure they are not near any open windows, fans, or heater vents.

  • Use a candle holder big enough to hold any spillovers.

  • Never blow out your candles, use a snuffer, if you don’t have one, a shot glass or juice glass held over the wick until the flame is out works great.

  • If you have just put a candle out don’t move it until the wax has solidified.

To help you remove wax from common surfaces, we've listed a few tips:

Tip #1

To remove wax from carpeting you should first scrape away any excess. Then, using a warm iron and a clean cloth or even a paper bag simply place the iron on top of the cloth over the wax and as you iron it will adhere to the cloth instead of the carpet.

Continue moving the cloth around as you pick up the wax so you are always using a clean section of cloth. If a little grease stain remains sprinkle on baking soda and let sit overnight before vacuuming which will remove the grease residue and deodorize at the same time!

Tip #2
Wood Surfaces & Floors

To remove candle wax spills from wooden furniture or any type of wood surface, the first job is to soften the wax with a hairdryer set to medium heat. When the wax starts to melt wipe it off with a soft cloth. Then wipe the area with a mild vinegar solution and polish as normal.
Another great tip that has been sent in is to save your white dryer sheets. You know the ones that you place in your dryer. When you have finished using them in the dryer they are ideal for cleaning wax from smooth surfaces such as glass, high gloss coffee tables, candle holders, glass candle holders etc. Simply keep wiping over the affected area until the wax disappears. It will leave glass sparkling.

Tip #3

By far the best way to remove wax is to melt it out from the fabric. You can use either brown paper or kitchen towel.

Place the brown paper or kitchen towel on either side of the wax stain. Run a warm iron over the paper that is covering the stain. The wax will melt into the paper. Keep moving the paper so that the wax has plenty of chance to be absorbed into it.

Laundering as usual should remove any residue.

Tip #4
Candle Holders

To get beeswax out of the bottom of a candle holder, put the holder in the freezer for an hour or so. The wax should pop right out.

Tip #5
Painted Walls

To remove wax from a painted wall or similar surface. First melt the wax with a hairdryer and wipe away the excess.

There may be a greasy mark left. You can remove this by wiping with a weak vinegar solution.