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This is called bloom.

It develops on 100% natural beeswax candles over time and for some people a desired trait of beeswax products.

If bloom does develop on your candles and you prefer it without, you can buff  the candle with a soft cloth or cheesecloth to remove the bloom. Alternatively, you can use a blow-dryer on a warm setting, gently over the candle to remove the bloom also.

Yes, we can offer bulk pricing. Please contact us for information.

Unfortunately, the growth in popularity of beeswax products, particular candles; has meant some candle makers are cutting corners and mixing the beeswax with other waxes to cut costs and increase manufacturing amounts.

At Paper Garden, we pride ourselves on only producing products with only 100% pure beeswax.

Beeswax can be used directly from the hive, which makes it as natural as it can be. The only processing our beeswax goes through is filtering to remove debris from the bees and hive to make our beeswax food-grade for our wax blocks and for a cleaner burn for our candles.

The production of palm and soy wax used a hydrogenated process of manufacture, which involves a catalyst such as nickel, palladium or platinum to reduce or saturate organic palm and soy compounds into a wax.

Both palm and soy also need land to produce, using industrial farming practices.

Palm wax in particular comes from Palm Oil Trees, which the farming of has done untold damage to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Amazon with slash-and-burn agriculture, forests are burned to make way for usable land for planting palm oil trees. 

Beeswax is a 100% naturally produced product.

Paraffin wax is a petroleum by-product, where it is heavily processes, bleached to create colours and cleaned using industrial solvents.

Being a petrolum-based product, paraffin is a contributor to greenhouse gases from it’s production to when it is being burnt.

Our wax is filtered for us by our suppliers, where we can ensure a non-toxic, food-grade filtration process to ensure your candles have the optimal burning experience.

Our candles are all carefully handmade in small batches. All of our candles are made by pouring liquid wax into molds, then they are cooled, trimmed & finished. The we labelled and box for shipping.

When beeswax is removed from the honey-frames it can be a variety of colors  from a pale beige to bright yellow. The color of the beeswax that is produced by the bees is dependent on what flora the bees were collecting from and pollinating. Seasonal, location and weather can alter the color also. We like to work with what the bees give us as it is the most natural way to showcase the diversity of what the bees produce.

Beeswax  is a wonderful natural material that has a multitude of uses, not just for candles.

Importantly, beeswax, unlike soy, does not require dedicated land usage to produce, being that the wax is a bi-product of bee farming. Bee farming as a practice also require minimal dedicated land usage; bee’s being wonderful and important pollinators for our farms, gardens and eco-systems.

Importantly, beeswax does not require processing and can use used right from the hive.

Yes, many people use our beeswax block to create their own candles at home and scent them with essential oils to create natural aromatherapy candles. It’s important to note that most essential oils degrade in high temperatures and my not have a strong a scent as artificial fragrances.

No, one of the many benefits of beeswax is that it will not go bad like soy wax or palm wax, although we do recommend you burn you candle within 12months of purchase to ensure the best burning experience.

We recommend you to burn your candle within one year of purchase to get the best burning experience; as our candles are not made with any preservatives.

We choose not colour our candles, all of our candles is the colour of the wax directly from the hive.

We do not have our own apiary’s at Paper Garden, instead we have built long standing, trusted relationships with bee farms in Northern Canada who we know are conscientious about their farming practices and are ethical and organic in their practices.

We choose to not use any scent in our candles, our candles do not have any additives natural or otherwise.

At Paper Garden, we are proud to ensure our packaging is both recycled and recyclable.

We support our domestic production by sourcing all of our boxes, paper and labels from businesses within Canada.

No, at the current time we only ship within Canada.

Yes! Please contact us at to be considered as a wholesale partner.

No, we do not dropship or sell on dropship e-commerce stores.

Because we are a small company, we are often unable to donate our products for events. Although, we will occasionally gift small sets for causes that matter to us at Paper Garden. If you would like to purchase our Candles at bulk prices for a cause please contact us.

Our prices are competitive with other beeswax candle companies. Our candles are hand-made with 100% solid pure Canadian beeswax on Canadian farms. We do not blend our beeswax with any other waxes, and our processes aren’t large-scale.