Hand-made in the Kootenays

Paper Garden candles and wax blocks are 100% pure Canadian beeswax with no fillers, fragrances or additives.

Using only locally sourced, natural beeswax, we hand-picked our apiarists to ensure our beewax is ethically derived with zero chemcials, and is delivered as pure as can bee…

Each of our candles are hand-crafted locally in Creston, British Columbia and delivered out into the world to be enjoyed.

Our Process

01 | Receive our Wax

We regularly receive over 2000 pounds of wax per shipment

02 | Melt wax into vats

Using our industrial sized vat, we heat the wax until it melts into a liquid

03 | Pour into molds

We pour our liquid wax into one of our 35+ molds

04 | Set for 24+ hours

Depending on the size of the mold, each candle can take from 24 to 48 hours to set

05 | Ship to you

Once set, our candles are then packaged and ready to be shipped to your door

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