Paper Garden

  • Bundle of 4 10 inch beeswax tapers Click on picture for more info

…Welcome to Paper Garden

We make beeswax candles using only 100% Canadian beeswax and cotton wicks. All our candles are hand poured in our studio in our home in Arrow Creek BC

Why burn Beeswax candles?
100% natural
Clean burning, non smoking wax
Cleans and purifies the air while burning
Smells great
Virtually No Drips

Why Paper Garden’s beeswax candles?
– Our beeswax is filtered to cosmetic grade.
– Poorly filtered beeswax clogs wicks, candles won’t burn properly, and dirty beeswax can potentially catch on fire.
-We use nothing but pure beeswax, and 100% cotton wicks.

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